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Buying A Structured Settlement

Structured settlements refer to the money paid out in installments (annuities) over a number of months or years instead of a lump sum. Whether you want to buy a structured settlement or sell to a company, you need to do plenty of research before you make your move. If you want to buy, then brace yourself as a lot of money, and online presence will be needed plus a few other things. For now, I’d like to turn the spotlight to the structured settlement buyer– mostly companies and learn how you, as the seller can benefit from dealing with them.


When a structured settlement buyer wants to purchase from you, it’s not out of generosity- they are in for the dollar. The lump sum they offer you is usually less than what they are going to make out of it. This is why it is essential that you bargain for a better deal. You see, when buying a structured settlement, these companies go ahead and reinvest it through the best and modern options from where they profit. These profits help them to pay their employees and get advertisement and running costs covered.


There are certain things you need to know about the company that is going to buy your structured settlement. First, the company should be financially stable. You don’t want to sell your investment to a company that might go bankrupts sometime soon and fail to pay you your dues. The company should also not rely on loans from banks in order to sustain its business ventures.


A company with a good standing reputation, in general, is worth going for. Such firms rarely deal with intermediaries and rely on their own reserves to run their business. If a company has adequate reserves, you will be sure to get an attractive offer when they are buying a structured settlement.


How can you know the value of your structured settlement?

The value of your structured settlement, in the first place, depends on the company buying a structured settlement. The best company will work with you to come up with an arrangement that is suitable for you and your condition. They should lay out everything before you, including what might make you uncomfortable-provided it’s the truth. No one likes to seal a deal and realize there was a devil hidden in the details.


To know what your settlement is worth, most companies buying a structured settlement have a structured settlement calculator that displays a rough estimate of what your investment is worth. Other factors that determine what your structured settlement is worth include

  • Your upcoming lump sum payments
  • The number of unpaid payments
  • Increases in your proceeds over time
  • And many more


There are many companies interested in buying a structured settlement. The best thing to do is visit some of them, check out their offers and compare which one is the best to work with. Buying a structured settlement follows certain rules that are meant to protect both of your rights. Steer clear from a company that operates in a “freestyle” manner.


No matter the reason for selling your structured settlement, always work with the best companies buying a structured settlement.

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