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How Do I Sell My Structured Payments

How do I sell my Structured Payments?

A structured settlement is a financial tool that is used generally to provide regular tax free payments to victims of personal injury over a stretched period of time. The recipient is protected from bad judgment that can occur from spending a large sum of money that they need to manage a lifetime.

The process of selling your annuity or structured settlement involves you to take the relevant steps to sell, decide how much you want to sell and also going to court to approve your request before having access to your cash.

The Process

Decide that you want to sell: Make the decision to start selling your structured settlement with your valid reasons for doing so, such as funding college, paying of a debit and many more reasons. If you know the reasons the sale will not have any negative effects on your future financial needs.

Shop Around: It is important to find someone who will guide you and advice you with valuable and reliable advice. Someone that has your best interest in mind and uses their own money to fund, also making sure they are experienced in completing court ordered transfers and generally has a good rating.

Choose the Company: When you finally find the company that are in accordance with your requirements, begin the sales process. It’s important to fill in and complete all the necessary paperwork. When you submit your paperwork, which consists of: your annuity policy, settlement agreement, benefits letter, application form and ID, all will need to be reviewed to ensure they are accurate and complete.

Approve Your Sale: When the relevant documents you have signed in are returned to you and are fully signed and approved a local attorney files them to court, after which point a hearing will be scheduled for your attendance.  In court you will be asked to justify the purpose of using the money. It is important to show that you’re in no way putting your and your family’s financial future is disarray. If all is well, the judge will approval your request there and then.

Receive Your Money: When the request is approved the judge will sign off the order which will approve your transaction. The order is then sent over to the insurance companies to collect funds. You will then be able to receive your money after 45 days, however every settlement agreement is different with companies, it may take longer or less time. Some companies release immediate cash payment to help with certain personal circumstances.


When you receive money from selling your structured settlement annuity you will be taxed the same amount of payment as you received from your structured settlement annuity. The law act, Periodic Payment Settlement Act of 1982 recognises formally and encourages the use of structured settlement in physical injury cases by allocating payments from a structured settlement as tax free.

Paying Off Debit

If you wanted to pay off debit by selling your structured settlement annuity, as it is a serious issue it is recommending speaking with a professional attorney specialised in bankruptcy to determine whether the settlement is protected.



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