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Top Structured Settlement Companies

Top Structured Settlement Companies

There are many strutted settlement companies that allow consumers to sell all or a portion of payments to a structured payment buyer. The companies of buyers or factoring companies then pay the consumer a lump sum in return.

Many companies are willing to purchase structured settlements and annuities with 100% guarantee payments.  Here is a selection of firms that purchase structured settlements and additionally annuities.

  1. Fairfield Funding: Fairfield funding purchase structured settlements and general annuities at suitable rates. Fairfield work to provide the customers with the best price, advice and service. They are able to provide cash in lumps sums within 5 days, there is no interest advances and no fast closings. The build trust with customers and work with them in a professional manner that results in 100% guaranteed payment.


  1. Peachtree Financial: Peachtree has helped many of thousands of people sell their structured settlements and annuities with valued costs. They help people reach their goals with money for the long term and short term. They are a lending leader of structured settlements payments. They provide excellent service to customers to lead them to higher levels financially and personally.



  1. G Wentworth: J.G Wentworth has been purchasing structured settlements for more than 20 years, and also future streams. With their years of experience with hands on agreement they have built to be successful company. They hold the best price guarantee that are customised transactions that fit the needs to sellers. They help you receive the cash you require.


  1. Olive Branch: Olive Branch Funding is a highly popular purchaser of structured settlement payments. Their experience in this field allows them to provide money upfront to customers in exchange for future structured settlement payments that are fast and effective.


  1. Annuity Transfers: Annuity transfers put all of their customers first and approach every structured settlement agreement sales with care and with the best interest of the customer in mind. They offer personalised services that takes the customers through the process and also the financial complications, making it easy and simple for the customer to understand.


  1. Seneca One: Seneca one offers 5k immediately with their ‘Right Away’ scheme that gives owners of structured settlement access to obtain $5,000 in only 24 hours. The payments plans for each customer is customised for the needs of the recipient, this gives them control in regards to how much or little they want to sell.
  2. Woodbridge Structured: Wood bridge structured funding provides the basics and beyond the basics advice and value. They guarantee the highest price on a buyout. If a company does not offer a highest value of the settlement a payment of $500 which is funded as compensation.


  1. StoneStreet Capital: Stone street capital offer customer service at the highest level, they provide advanced quotes via phone in minutes which makes the process of gaining cash a more quick and stress free process. Each quote is personalised to meet specific customer needs, this provides individual customer service that is guaranteed to provide the best rate available.

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